The Urban Hiker Textiles

Enjoying hiking, trekking and appreciating mother nature, i was moved to create a collection that would reflect global environmental issues. with the aspiration to experience some of the worlds beautiful national forests such as Yosemite and Redwood, this collection is dedicated specifically to the disappearing forests as well as its endangered inhabits. The concept of this collection is to relay a message and reminder on the potentiality that environmental awareness can be communicated through textiles and surface design used in eco fashion products and garments.

Thus, the illustrations, motifs and designs were inspired by sceneries of mountains, redwood trees, tree barks and grains, endangered owls, the brown bear and the grey wolves and all drawn in its organic shapes and lines.

  • Role Fashion & Textile Designer
  • For NULAA

Beyond Sierra 2.0

beyond sierra 2.0 on dress design

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Bare Necessities 1.0

Bare Necessities

Sky & Sand